Two Months In, Two To Go

It is a weird feeling- being halfway through my time studying abroad. On one hand, it feels like I have been here for such a long time, almost as if I had gone to Central Saint Martins from the start of my college career. On the other, it feels like I have just got here and it is way too soon to be thinking about being halfway through.

Ending On a High Note

The term came to an exciting close when I presented for the last time at Central Saint Martins. Friday was the final presentation for the sponsored studio project I had been working on for the past two months. In this time, I created stacks of sketches, slaved over several models, fought with a CNC machine for hours, and finally built a fully functioning prototype from the ground up and pitched it to the client. This project has allowed me to really develop my skills as a designer in ways that I had never thought imaginable at Iowa State. I am so thankful to the amazing tutors I had and the extraordinary friends I made who pushed me along the way.

Longer Days Yet Less Time

As the days get longer, my time in London grows shorter; it is a weird feeling I am struggling to wrap my head around. I am nowhere near ready to leave this place and the thought of doing so at the end of April has me heartbroken. My studio came to an end on Friday where I had to say goodbye to my tutors, some friends, and CSM which I had basically called home for the last two months. Many of the friends I have made since studying abroad are travelling for spring break and as a result, I am finding myself with way too much time on my hands. Luckily, I will have two weeks to see them again once break is over and before I leave for good.

Today I started a new course called Creative Industries London. This short course spans the length of UAL's spring break (3 weeks) and covers everything from creating professional blogs and websites for designers to visiting design agencies around London. Although this course has so much to offer, it just is not the same without everyone from my BAPD2 studio at CSM. There are 6 students in this class, all study abroad, but all from different design fields. Despite missing my friends from CSM, this class is going to be incredibly fun and give me incredibly valuable experience developing myself as a professional in a working environment.

More Adventures to Come!

Despite the reality of leaving looming over my head, there are so many things I have planned for the coming weeks. I am currently working on planning a trip to Norway to spend a week hiking and exploring the Norse fjords. Just before that I will also be taking the train to Paris for 4 days and hopefully a trip to Scotland before that..fingers crossed!

I have yet to explore much of London due to its sheer size but I plan to do my best. With more free time, I plan on going on a Banksy street art hunt, visit Richmond Park and see the Queens deer, get lost in the Highgate Cemetery, tour Westminster Abbey, and visit the many museums of London. The next few weeks are going to be fast paced and full of back to back adventures and I cannot wait for what is in store!

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