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Finger Lancet Device


a lancet designed to streamline displacement testing.

OLLI is a lancet device aimed at streamlining the testing and treatment of those with diabetes held within ICE detainment centers. By streamlining the process, these people will be able to receive their medication on time and feel adequately taken care of as a human being.

surviving with diabetes in
ice detainment

Having a medical condition like diabetes while held in a border control custody means daily long lines to receive medication and often missing critical times to take the medication causing side-effects and often illnesses. 


children: the most at risk.

Children are the most at-risk in ICE detentions often already suffering from dehydration, sun exposure, and exhaustion among other illnesses, pathogens, and diseases acquired while attempting to enter the United States. Children with diabetes also need constant attention to their conditions which often go unchecked due to over-crowding and long lines for medication. In order to help them, the doctors involved must be understood in order to streamline the process.

Private institutions are the powerhouse behind ICE detainment as they are responsible for 70% of all ICE detention centers Nation Wide. These are multi-million dollar organizations that are currently under intense media, making them the primary candidate to adopt new products and procedures into their centers.


private ice detainment (2017).

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needs &


Primarily local residents of the city in which the detention center is located. They are primarily centered around Texas, New Mexico, and California. ICE medical staff doctors are often understaffed and underpaid despite the private institutions making millions. 

Low doctor retention rates in ICE medical centers as the job can often be a high-stress low-reward environment compared to working in a normal clinic.

Manage and speed along patient evaluation and treatment

Quick and accurate responses that are easy to record for future records.


Faster treatment reducing stress on the doctoral staff and patients.

Sticky Notes USer Groups.jpg
Displacement mind map.jpg

brainstorming to ideas.

Following, brainstorming sketch sessions took place to begin quickly diverging on the selected focus area- medical centers in ICE detention. These fast sticky-note sketches were used to form the beginning of the ideation process. informed the 

Stickey Note Sketches.jpg


After researching the user group and the doctor's patients, different areas of possible opportunities were mapped out. Following, several activities were utilized to narrow in on which area should be pursued by evaluating each area's target, actors, causes, and effects. 

OLLI mood Board.jpg
Olli Refinement .jpg
Olli Ideation .jpg

The final shape of the lancet device was determined by its unique ability to provide the best of each of the desired aspects. From a hygenic pod ejection to a slim and approachable from. The final design is aimed to speed up doctor screening, treatment, and recording of diabetes in ICE detainment.

the final design.

olli lancet

Streamlining diabetes screening in ICE Detainment

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uncap olli lancet device

press against skin to release needle

press firmly to sample

Easy-to-read display

for accurate records


USB-C Charging &

Control Buttons

Sanitary pod

eject mechanism


lancet pods

Inside the Pod

Color Options.jpg


Determining which colorway is most appropriate