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Thermometer Redesign

increased accuracy for a happy and healthy life.

Temporal thermometers are well known for their ease of use, especially with infants and todlers. Despite being popular, many lack the accuracy required for infants. How can redesigning the temporaln thermometer for brAun produce an accurate, easy to use device?




The primary user of temporal thermometers were young mothers in their early 30’s. These mothers have family sizes 3-4 people (including children). The child’s ages range from 0-10 years old.

The mother’s main goal is to quickly and accurately get the child’s temperature whether that be when the child is sleeping or awake.


Little instruction provided with the device makes it difficult to use.

Need to be as accurate as possible for infants that are more at risk than adults.

Use Location.jpg

guerilla research.

Utilizing family members over the holidays, several children ranging from the ages of 3 to 10 years old were used to imitate a child getting their temperature measured. Several adults were roped into the test acting as the mother checking the temperature.

The users were uncertain of how to hold the device properly when taking temperature measurements. They were also unsure of whether to press or hold the "head" button while taking temperature measurements leading to inaccurate readings. The mothers taking the temperatures found it hard to maintain contact with the skin.

Thermometer 3.jpg

Removable head falls off if bumped

Interrupting part line is awkward

Surface change is distracting from the feeling in hand

Back battery panel falls off too easily 

Head shape makes skin contact difficult to maintain

Cheap screen is hard to read

No age control for the device through GUI

Head button is easier to reach than the ear

Mismatched blue label and device color compared to packaging

Artboard 1.png


Parent Use


Doctor Use


Complex Form

Simple Form




market analysis.

This biaxial map was utilized to determine how iProven markets themselves against their compettitors.


product analysis.

This biaxial map was utilized to determine where iProven falls among its competitors when looking at the physical form of each object. This enables the design to focus on a key area moving forward in the design process-  a consumer-oriented shape with semi-complex geometry and curvature

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