Hossman Filtration

The most advanced and rugged silica filtration system to date



Silica Filtration Device

improving worker health

through biomimicry.

A device inspired by biomimicry and adapted for rugged construction environments. The Hossman system places an emphasis on prevention over protection, keeping workers safe no matter their role on site.

how can a safety device be pushed beyond its competitors by utilizing biomimicry?

By taking a step back and observing nature, can biological processes be integrated into a product to create a more sustainable and efficient filtration system?


biomimicry research

The goal of this product was to utilize biomimicry to design construction safety equipment. After researching aquatic animals and the filtration process of gills, I discovered the Southern Stingray. These fish are a variety of sea ray known for their whiptails. Southern Stingrays are studied all over the Western Atlantic 


Ocean due to their ability to create a pressure pocket underneath their bodies forcing sand on top of their backs. The Hossman Filtration System utilizes the physics behind the Southern Stingray's movement and camouflaging techniques to disturb silica dust on the ground and take it in to filter. 

Hoss Mood Board.jpg
Refined Digital Sketches.jpg
Edited Three Quarter Water Tank Exposed

water-based silica filtration device

Steam Traps Dust

Durable MoldTech


Stained Plastic

Accent Pieces



Silica dust filtration through water 

Pumps and outtake located on the bottom for weight distribution

Secondary outtake located underneath to kick up dust off the ground

Far Back Straight On.jpg

Tower profile to take-up minimal workspace


Designed to be delivered to any worksite