Just A
little Bio:

Hi! My name is Dylan and I am a user-centered designer, photographer, and creator of useful objects. I am a recent college graduate in the industrial design field with a minor in psychology (focusing on human behaviour, human factors, and cognition). Originally from Waconia, Minnesota, I am currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina working as a junior industrial designer at Plexus.


I am an energetic creative inspired by the relationships formed between the product and its user. I am fascinated by the functionality that drives innovation and the emotions created by experiencing a product. I believe that good design not only meets a client's direct needs but a design that answers questions and problems yet to be discovered. My background in behavioural and human-factors psychology makes me uniquely qualified to design more than products, but experiences that impact the user and client alike.


True industrial design is not only developing an aesthetically pleasing product; developing a product form should not happen in the latter half of a project. True industrial design brings a spotlight on the user to create a better understanding of their needs and goals, allowing the designer to develop an opportunity space for the design intent creating a more inclusive design experience.

CSM at Night.jpg

Central Saint Martins (UAL)

Central Saint Martins is a branch of the University of the Arts London. Most well known for their unrivaled fashion design program and their excellent product design program ranking #2 in the world. In an arts college, the product design program places a heavy emphasis on creative exploration and discovery. This provides an excellent balance to ISU's more grounded approach. 


Iowa State University

Iowa State University is located in Ames, Iowa. The university focuses heavily on its engineering program and related fields. As an industrial design student at ISU, the courses taught are primarily focused on human-factors, design research, and ergonomics besides the standard industrial design skillsets. ISU allows for integrated minors allowing for a pursued course set such as human-factors and behaviours in psychology, enhancing one's industrial design education.